By: Bears Butt

Winter is winter, even up here in the Rockys.  Aint much fer a man ta do even if he had the hanker ta do it.  So, like them politisizers back East, we mend our business.  They is sittin back in theys high back chair, writtin words what they kin yell come cherry blossom time.  This time o year is best for that thinkin.  Thinkin back ta last year when they was standin on the apple crate, yellin out words of great thinkin they done last winter.  Almost brings a tear ta the eye.

We, or at least I, is sittin in my lodge real close ta the fire, cause first off I kint see, and second cause they is a draft comin in frum some where.

It be a time fer better acquaint’en you self ta the squaw and the young’ens.  And fer fix’in those leathers fer the up comin trappin season and rondeevoo.  Yes siree, by golly, hot damn if spring aint much away.  Why jest yesterdee I seed a returnin bald bird headin North.

Thas tell’in this hoss the river ice is startin to break up on the Snake.

I best git my mendin all done afor the Willow Creek runs over her banks, cause I sure got me a powerful hunger fer some fresh meat an beaver tail.  I won’t have neither come March, if I don’t mend my ram rod, and straighten the pan on my number 3 jumper.

Gotta go fer now, seems the youngins is gone to watch some yawho run with a woof ‘an the squaw is call’in frum the back ‘o the lodge.  Maybe that’s where the draft is com’in frum.

Bears Butt

Jan-Feb 1991

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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