By: Bears Butt

It was back in ’91, Wapiti Dung, Rut Runner, Wine Maker, Many Steps, Windy and me went fer a trip down on the Bear River.  We was in Bannock country, so we knowd there wouldn’t be no injun trouble.  Most our concerns was possibly flippin our rigs.

When we done got there, we found there was a rondeevoo happinen.  Our eyes was a delight. Old Soda Griz was havin a shinin time.

When at the rondeevoo most any other plan ya mighta had goes by the wayside, cuz it’s time ta jaw jack and kitch up on what has happened ta folks ya aint seed fer some time.

We done told of our years trappin and fightin and goin what we done, when Old Griz got holt of the talkin stick and told of one of his fishin tales.  Mind ya now, Old Griz aint never told no lies.  Mountain men never lie.

“…It were early Spring up near the Hamms Fork, I’d done trapped long nuff, twer time fer some fishin and gitten away from beaver ‘an sitch.  There was still a bit ‘o ice formed round this here fishin hole I was trying ta fish and in the early morn it were chilly.  Later on in the day the water warmed some and the ice would melt.

I’d been fishin fer some time and couldn’t git one ‘o them brookies ta even look at my bait.   I even considered ta toss a lighted powder horn in there with ‘em, just ta git some fer ta eat.

My luck was powerful down, when here come swimming long was a water snake, what had a bitty frog in his mouth.  I grabbed up dat snake an tried ta pull the frog frum his mouth.  No deal..Mr. snake weren’t letting go.

Wall now, I don’t go off  fishin in the cold of Spring without my little jug ‘o brandy, so I figgered Mr. snake might be persuaded ta trade the frog fer a drink.  I poured a smidgin in the snakes mouth and sure ‘nuff he let go of that little frog.

I thanked him kindly and let Mr. snake know I was much abliged afor letting him go.

I done put that little frog on fer bait and BAM—had me a 20 plus incher first cast.

My eyes was shinin, but now I didn’t have no more little frogs.

With luck done about run out there I sat wonderin where I might find another bitty frog when somp’n started pattin the side of my near froz leathers.  I looked down an there was Mr. snake with another frog!!

Wonder what he wants?”

Bears Butt

July-Aug. 1991

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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