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A great workout this morning!  Wearing my snow boots that weigh about 4 pounds each, plus the hydration pack full of water!  It’s surprising what those two things do for the workout!  Feels Good!

This time next week folks!!!!!!  WAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!  I just finished looking over some past muzz hunts and then it dawned on me…I have not taken a deer since 2009!  Last year I missed 2 different ones and so I must make up for it this year!  Look out Bambi!  No mercy!  I have to have some venison bacon!!!

I also made 28 sausage burritos and am thinking that some of them need to go on the hunt with us.   Who wants one?  Last year I took some and we heated them on the top of the engine while we drove to camp.  At the pull off up Monte when we stopped to take a short break, I broke them out and we all had one!  Bones wasn’t too happy with me about that either, because she had made banana bread and was very happy to be handing it out as well.  I don’t know why she got mad, but she did, after all we did eat her banana bread and the burrito.

This year is going to be something real special, I know something that only a couple of you reading this know and it will be a great surprise to the rest of you!  Just a bit more icing on the cake!

I know the rules given to us by the DWR and I want the whole camp to know that some of us are going to be bringing our assault weapons and having them in camp.  As long as the DWR boys don’t come in with search warrants we should be OK.  We need some much needed practice to make sure they are tuned in and besides there just might be some unwanted guests come into camp.

And on a final note for today, yesterday I hit upon a great “road side find” and I’ll be installing it on my camp trailer today!  A wonderful little addition to the man-trailer!

Bears Butt

Sept. 18, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


The annual muzz planning meeting went very well.  Our camp will be growing again this year with at least 15 trailers/campers/tents and so if you consider at least 2 people per trailer that means 30 people will be in camp.  Of course there are more than two in most of the trailers…I’m saying 45 people will be in our camp!  That is nearly the population of Randolph!  Do you think when we come through town they will have a celebration ready for us?  Maybe a parade with us as the whole show?  That would be comical!

So a bigger camp only means one thing!  MORE FUN!!!!  I hope Twinkie Man gets the word!  It would be a sad day if all the people didn’t get a Twinkie!

Speaking of which, last year we thought it was the end of Twinkie Man, as Twinkies were not being made any more.  Twinkie Man came through by buying up the Ebay stock at ridiculous prices just to make our day…and it worked!  Good job Twinkie Man!

TwinkieManAnd a year later, Twinkies are back on the shelves of all major stores throughout the world!  YEAAAA!!!

Well, it’s once again a Monday and this is the first Monday of the LONGEST WEEK of the year!  The week before the muzz hunt!  Enjoy it and try to get something accomplished this week because the closer it gets to the actual hunting day, the more your head will NOT be into your paying job work.

Bears Butt

Sept. 16, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


One day closer to the muzz hunt and this day is the one for our planning meeting.  We could probably NOT have a planning meeting and still get all the prep work done and once we were in camp everything would be as orderly as it always is, but we need a reason to get together and jaw jack!

The planning meeting is as important as the hunt itself, in my mind.  It gets a large group of guys together with one common thought….to have fun!  We always are having fun, even when we are working our butts off in the hay fields, we make light of it and get the job done.

Hunting is a tradition taught to us by our fathers, brothers, neighbors, friends…or just on our own through trial and error.  Hunting!  The Fall Sport!  For some Fall begins with the first football game.  For others the changing of the leaves or the bow hunt, but for me, it’s the muzz hunt!  My year begins and ends with the start and end of the muzz season and then it’s a 365 day wait for it to begin again.  There is a bit of a twist on things this year for me, but it’s still the muzz hunt that gets it going!

As you all have read or know first hand, our camp is the largest on the mountain and I can’t think of a better place to be, even if you are not a hunter and just want to come and camp and enjoy the stupid things we do to entertain ourselves….I can’t help but grin as I’m typing at some of the fun things that “just happen” that makes us laugh and laugh….like “Buck Off”….(I know you are grinning right now).

You have to be there and as long as I can get myself up and going, I plan on being there even if I can’t hunt.  Like my dad, his last hunt was spectacular, we were camped at the foot of a large steep sagebrush hillside.  Dad had gone through several heart operations and was not able to climb or hike and so he stayed in camp to keep things in order and to have a good lunch made for us when we came back from the morning hunt.

It was about noon time and we were all back in camp enjoying a drink and a meal, when we heard a shot coming from way up the draw behind our camp,  around the bend in the big steep hill.  It drew our attention in that direction and that is when we saw a string of deer running about mid way up that hill and going to cross about 200 yards above our camp!  Dad was quick to grab his custom 30-06 Springfield and started popping off rounds at the bucks.  When it was all over, three bucks lay dead on that hill and all from dads shots.  With a big grin on his face, he turned to us and said “Go get em boys!”, and that is just exactly what we did.

Illegal?  Maybe, but at the time almost every camp employed the technique of “party hunting” and that was what this was.  We had plenty of tags in camp and when someone got the chance to shoot more than one deer, they did it without so much as a second thought…we always hunted for the meat back then.

Hope to see you at todays planning meeting!  4 p.m.!

Bears Butt

Sept. 15, 2013

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Jim “Black Arrow” Gill
Sept. 14, 2013

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By: Bears Butt

BearsButtDotComBearHandsUpI have read about people who bagged their big game animal not gutting them and yet still end up with all the meat.  It’s called the “gutless method” of salvaging all the meat, including the tenderloins, without opening up the gut cavity.  So yesterday I found some videos on line that show you how it’s done.  A couple of them go into great length to show you and they are in 2 parts, do yourself a favor and go on line and look them up, very educational.

I thought I should share this with you as well and so I searched until I found a short version of the big show.  This will give you the run down on how it’s done without all the blood and gore found in the longer versions.

However, this version does not show you how to take off the rib meat, and there is a lot of meat on the ribs.  There is another video out there that shows you the “roll method” of getting all the rib meat off.  You can look that one up if you so desire.

Another thing about the gutless method is the fact that I LOVE venison liver and without opening up the gut cavity that baby will stay in and rot away or become coyote or bear food…not while I’m here…I’ll get that liver out!

So even though this method would work for deer as well as the bigger cousins, I think I’ll continue to do the gutting method for my deer and maybe give it a try with the two elk I’m going to harvest this season.

A word of warning, if you don’t like to see dead animals, blood and gore, you best stop reading right now and turn this site off.

Bears Butt
Sept. 14, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


I was opening a new bag of bread this morning for breakfast and thought about the direction of the twist on the twist tie…it was twisted so I had to twist to my left in order to undo it…I thought it strange and so I went searching.

What I found was this:

How to Know the Freshness of a Bag of Bread With Clips & Ties




How to Know the Freshness of a Bag of Bread With Clips & Ties thumbnail

Bread companies use colored ties to show when the bread was baked.


You may or may not have noticed when you buy your bread that the color of the tie that closes the bread bag is sometimes different. If you have noticed, you likely didn’t consider that it might mean something. But it does. The companies that make and distribute the bags use certain colored ties to help consumers determine how fresh the bread is. They also print the date on the bag, but checking the colored ties is a quicker way knowing how old the bread you are buying is.




    • 1

      Check color of the tie on bag of bread you are considering for purchase. For most companies, blue means Monday, green means Tuesday, red means Thursday, white means Friday and yellow means Saturday.

    • 2

      Consider day of week on which you are shopping. You are only supposed to encounter two different colors on any given day since bread is only allowed to be out for a few days.

    • 3

      Choose a loaf of bread the color of closest day to your shopping day to get freshest loaves. For instance, if you shop on Wednesday, you would prefer green tagged bread over blue.

    • 4

      Read “sell by” date on the package as back-up if it will make you feel better.

Read more:


Did you know that?

Bears Butt

Sept. 13, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


The workout this morning was another good one.  8% slope, speed of 7 mph…30 minutes and 30 pushups…I’m feeling good!  I highly recommend everyone get in a good workout every morning!  Just saying!

You know it’s getting close to the hunt when I plug in another address in my weather checking application on my smart phone!  Today I opened up “Randolph”!  And it looks like it is going to be a wet next few days.  It can’t hurt the hunt any to have the dust settled from the extremely hot and dry summer we had.  I have seen those roads up there with 10 inches of fine powdery dust and I’m certain this summer that is exactly the way those roads were.  I really hate it when you are traveling on them as that talcum powder type dust gets everywhere!  When you wake up in the morning in your camper, your teeth grit with it!  YUK!

So this rain is a welcome addition!  On a down side note, the animals won’t have to go to a watering hole to get a drink, but that’s ok, we can deal with that.

Life is good and don’t forget the meeting on Sunday!

Bears Butt

Sept. 13, 2013  (FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!  OH MY!!!)


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By: Bears Butt

With the hunting season upon us I’m sure there have been a lot of substitute teachers called to work for the regular teachers who have “called in sick”!

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By: Bears Butt


Oh Baby!  Day time highs are dropping (finally) even though they are still around the 80 degree mark, it still feels nice…AND….we all know what that means! Big Game Hunting season is just around the corner.

My head is almost totally wrapped around the San Juan Elk hunt, but I’m still working on the muzz hunt…A reminder to you who are close by, the annual meeting to plan the hunt is this Sunday at my place!  Who is excited is ME!

This mornings workout was a 40 minute one with my boots on!  Incline went as high as 8% and speed up to 7 mph.  It was a tough one but worth it!  Then I added another 10 pushups to my stretch…so, I’m at 30 pushups in 3 sets of 10, a 5 minute stretch after the 40 minutes on the treadmill!  I’m not worrying about weight loss, mostly a toughening of my legs!  If Sam is right, I’ll have to go into the deep and nasty to get my elk!  Whatever it takes, right?  This is my one and only chance I figure!

So, on the muzz hunt, don’t be surprised if I take a hike up one of the steep canyon hills while you guys are cooking your dogs on the side of the road!  It’s just a part of my workout!  A quick hike with a pigs foot tucked in my cheek, it just doesn’t get much better than that!  Just don’t forget to save me a cold drink for when I get back!

In addition to my own hunt, I’m attempting to help a fellow hunter find out some info about his hunt….same dates as mine…only he is on the Paunsaugunt, another famous place that holds bunches of HUGH deer and elk!  He is like me only I’m not so sure he is studying the area.  So if I can find out a few hiddy holes for him it will give his hunt a bit of an edge toward success.

On another note, Crock came by last night with 4 like new tires for the toy hauling trailer and today I’ll try and get them mounted and on the trailer.  That will be a job for Rattler if he is not already on his hunts.  When Rattler goes hunting he is usually gone for over a month!

Life is good and times are super!

Bears Butt

Sept. 11, 2013

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By: Bears Butt


Anxiously waiting for my big elk hunt and I’m studying the maps and all the information I have been given so far by some of the best people around.  It’s amazing to me just how much information people I don’t even know are willing to give.  And with voice inflection and the overlap of information from each of them, you just have to believe most of it.

With that said, Sherry and I have decided to go down ahead of the hunt and check some of it out.  Besides seeing a family of cousins that live in that area and one in particular who says he will put me on a big bull elk.

We are currently working out the details of what dates to go down there and right now it looks like I will be sacrificing a day or two of my muzz deer hunt for this trip…it will be worth it.

I have studied the maps on the internet until my neck hurts (I have to wear magnifying glasses) and being that close to the screen takes its toll.  I have a lot of the names of the mesas and roads memorized and where the turn off are etc.  So most of that will be common stuff once I’m in the vicinity.  But seeing the terrain first hand will be of great interest and should yield a lot of additional information for me to digest.

I’m stoked!  And to think Sherry is willing to go and check it out too is a bonus!  We have always wanted to go down and visit with these cousins and this will be a short and quick visit, but we will be with them most of one day and all of one night, so that will be good.

In the meantime, there is preparation for the muzz deer hunt to keep my mind a little occupied.

Bears Butt

Sept. 10, 2013

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