By: Bears Butt

Made it to Moab without much incidents, but there was a big rig driver that wasn’t using much common sense as he passed us with oncoming traffic, had I not been aware of what was going on he would have side swiped us.  I had to move over to the right and almost onto the dirt off the road to avoid his stupidity.  We are all safe.

The evening was comfy but these crowded campgrounds don’t do much for letting you kick back.  Our neighbors were harboring all the shade but we moved in on them and made them uncomfortable in the end.

This morning our neighbors to the East moved out really early and left behind their sewer hookup hose and their fresh water hose laying on the ground…dummies!  They were in one of those rentals.  Skinnie folks who like to ride their bikes.  This campground stuff is full of fun folks to watch.  Just now a lady about my age walked past with her curling iron and comb and headed for the common area bathroom.  When she walked past going the other way a half hour later…low and behold…she looked just like she did going to the place.  I suppose she forgot what she went there to do.

Todays itinerary is going to be a fun one.  A ride through Arches National Park (we have our old peoples life time pass) to see what might have fallen down since our last visit.  Maybe even see some “splatted” people hanging from a rope…who knows?  From there we are going up through Castle Valley and the loop through the LaSal Mountains East of Moab and back to the main road.  Then down to Newspaper Rock, so Winemaker can see all the writing on that.  From there up the steep road where Dennis took us on the elk hunt.  Maybe even camp at that lake he took us to.  At any rate we plan on Boondocking for the night somewhere on that mountain.

Alas:  No internet, no e-contact with the rest of the world, can we survive without facebook, emails, phone service, Bears Butt Dot Com?  Perhaps our time can be consumed with a little trout fishing and talking to each other!

Tonights gormet meal will be beef steak and some special potatoes we made up with Mayo, minced garlic, salt, pepper, onions and wrapped up in aluminum foil.  The instuctions says to place it on the grill, leave it for 10 minutes, flip it over, 10 more minutes and it’s done.  We will see.  I can tell you that the mayo sauce was yummy tasting.

OK!  That is the wrap for now.  Time to eat our breakfast burritos and get on with the days travels.  Could there be anyone stupid enough to be jumping off the arch on a rope today?  We are about to see!

Bears Butt

July 31, 2014

Written on July 31st, 2014 , Vacation Time

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