By: Bears Butt

What a wonderful world we live in!  Last night a nice guy from Nigeria sent me an email saying a Dr. (somebody) was willing to pay my $284 processing fee in order that I can get the $3,000,000 that is sitting in the bank waiting for me to send them the transfer information to put that money into my bank account.  The email said it was a court settlement on a claim I made about being scammed by someone.  WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Well, first off I think it’s really great that this Dr. whoever, is willing to do that for me.  Aren’t people around the world just wonderful?  And then secondly to think that a banker in a country I barely know where it is, is concerned that I should get my money quickly.  People are just plain down right considerate and concerned for me.  I would like to know which scam it was that I sued over…there are soooooo many.  I really don’t remember filing any claims against any, but I must have when I was on drugs or in a drunken stupor in the past.  How else would they know who I was and how to contact me?

It’s very tempting to give them my bank account number, which is OYD0u812 in case anyone else wants to know, but I think not at this time.  Why should I collect all that money?  It would confuse my bank personnel because I only keep money in there to cover my auto-pay bills, the rest I withdraw in cash as I don’t trust them with it.  That said, why would I trust them with $3,000,000?  And knowing me I’d just blow it quickly anyway and then not have any to fall back on in the future.  So, I’ll just let it sit in that safe place in Nigeria and collect interest.  Perhaps I should make a statement in my Living Trust about it being there and so when I die, my kids can make sure they get it…Great idea!

AND that is not all!

About this website; there are still those people who are desperately trying to get into it, so they too can write stuff like this, or have other intentions of destroying it.  Little do they know, I can do that all by myself!  Just sayin!  I have to Thank the Weasel for the Watch Dogs he has in place keeping them at bay.  I have a word for them:  Hey fellas, why not just enjoy the postings and forget about creating your own!  Leave me comments and if I think they are appropriate I’ll approve them.  Don’t make it harder on yourselves than that!

To change the subject ENTIRELY!  I have heard the grandkids say “twice” in the last week that there have been some wolves spotted on the East side of town.  Maybe it’s time for a coyote hunt!  $50 bounty guys, as long as what you shoot is truly a coyote and not some hybrid dog.  We already know the Utah DWR has openly said “There are NO wolves in Utah”.  But if someone has let their dogs out and those dogs are prowling around the hills above town, it becomes apparent those animals need to be brought down…dead down…as they are most likely harassing the deer in the wintering grounds up there.  There has also been a report of a family that, just last week, has had a horse injured in it’s pen that had to be put down, that family suspects dogs.

Dogs, Coyotes, Wolves….it all leads up to a good test of your aiming skills in the hills above town!  Anyone got a good scoped .243, 22-250, 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, 308 British, 50 or 54 Cal ????? they want to go try out?  Now is the time!

Bears Butt

March 24, 2014

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