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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, actually it’s going to happen this coming Thursday!  I love Thanksgiving and I especially love Oyster dressing!  I know it sounds terrible to mix a fishy little thing like an Oyster in with a turkey, but it’s the best!

So, how do you make it?

I’ll tell you this is the simplest dressing recipe in the world!  You need to mix it up the night before you are going to cook the turkey.

I like to buy the little bottles of Oysters and you usually only get 4 out of a bottle.  So, for me I like to put 4 bottles of oysters in my dressing.  When you open the bottles, save the liquid by pouring it into a cup.  Then finish dumping the oysters out.  Make sure you handle each one under running water, feeling to make sure the processor people didn’t leave some of the oyster shells attached to the oysters.  That will ruin your dressing for sure.

Now cut up the little buggers into small pieces.  I use a cutting board and try not to make a really big mess.

In a pretty good sized bowl, I will dump in two boxes of Mrs. Cubbisons seasoned and dried bread crumbs.  You don’t have to use the seasoned ones if you don’t have them.  But about 10 cups of the bread crumbs is what you are after.

Take a quarter pound stick of margarine or butter and heat it till it’s melted.

Pour the melted butter evenly over the bread crumbs.  Then get your hands into the mix and toss the crumbs around in the bowl to spread out the butter flavoring.  Try to keep most of the crumbs inside the bowl.

Now rinse your hands off and dice up a nice sized yellow onion.  Put that in with the buttery crumbs.

Then take 4 large celery sticks and dice them up pretty fine and add them to the crumbs and onions.

Now put in the oyster pieces, add the juice you saved when you opened the bottles and one cup of water.  Now get your hands into the mix again and make sure everything is mixed up really good.

OK!  Now cover the bowl with some plastic sheeting and put it in the fridge.  If your fridge doesn’t have room for a big old bowl of stuffing, then put the mix into smaller plastic bags and put them in the fridge.  There is always a way!

In the morning, you are going to stuff the turkey with this mix and put the bird in the oven to cook.

What happens is, over night the good flavors of all the stuff you just mixed up will gather and have a big old party in the fridge.  The party goes on all night long and the crumbs and other stuff gets all flavored up, the crumbs take on the onions and the onions take on the celery and everything takes on the oysters and butter.

Then after you stuff the bird crammed full and press as much into the birds’ cavity as you can (more can be put in the neck flap too) and the bird is beginning to cook.  The birds juices flow into the dressing and really adds to the already good flavors and moistens up the dressing even more than it was when you put it into the bird.  The turkey flavors and the oyster flavors trade places to some extent making the whole meal a taste bud treat that just can’t be beat!

I don’t like to add salt or pepper…and I don’t think you should either.  Let your guests do that to meet their individual tastes.

How much simpler can it get?  It can’t!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bears Butt

November 2013


Written on November 23rd, 2013 , Recipes

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