By: Bears Butt

This mornings breakfast consists of venison chunks, provided by Black Foot from this past years muzz deer hunt!  Thank you Black Foot!  Without the meat you provided I would be craving venison at this moment and probably eating pork instead.

Venison, chunked fried potatoes and eggs over medium!

Does it get any better than that?  I think not.

An another note, it looks like the volunteer list is coming together quite well for the upcoming kids ice fishing day to be held next Saturday…I can’t wait.

The weather forecast for the upcoming week, right through next Saturday is very good.  No real snow in the forecast and rather warm temps for this time of year, highs expected in the mid 30’s.

Talking with a fellow fisherman this morning on the cell phone, he said he went fishing yesterday and ended up taking off his warm weather apparel and fished most of the day in shirt sleeves and without gloves on!  Now that is warm for January!

Fishing?  Well he only caught one all day long, but it was a nice one, Cutthroat Trout, 22 inches long!  Nice fish in anyone’s book, he doesn’t keep his fish and so it is still swimming around in that lake.  He is heading to another lake as I am typing this.  He is to call me with his story later in the day.  He is also planning on going again in the morning and I just might have to join him.

I’ve been doing some research on another story I am planning to put up here but in my un-scientific mind I can not comprehend the following statement and hope someone reading this can help me make “common sense” of it.  What does it mean in laymen terms when someone says, “29.25 gr p/mole”?????

Is that a mole that weighs 29.25 grams?  It sounds like that to me.  But I was not researching the weight of a mole at the time, but that is what came up on my search.  There is a whole lot of weirdness going on in our world and people are making up stuff as they go.  At any rate a mole that weighs only 29.25 grams isn’t a very big mole is it?

Tomorrow is a holiday for a lot of you and I hope you make the best of it.  Keep in mind that tomorrow doesn’t mean much to us retired people, who have nothing to look forward to…no weekends, no holidays, no vacations…..

Enjoy your day!

Bears Butt

Jan. 20, 2013


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    John Zundel commented

    I think it is the powder used in the reloaded cartridge. It is 29.25 gr. of IMR 8208 XBR per mole. It would make a terrible mess of a mole.

    Wapiti – Mountain Man Extrodinaire

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