By: Bears Butt

For a quick breakfast today we decided to have bacon and tomato sandwiches on a single slice of toast.  Of course I cut the toast lengthwise to accommodate the length of the bacon pieces.

My problem this morning was the fact that I only had 3 slices of bacon to work with.  SOOOO, I cut one slice of bologna in two and used that on MY sandwich along with the third slice of bacon.

There was some doubt as to how it would taste, but it was actually quite good with the bacon sort of adding the smokey flavor to the relatively un-flavorful bologna.

Well, as usual, that got me thinking about bologna and what is in it.  Perhaps I should not have ventured into the internet world to find out exactly what goes into bologna, but I did and to my surprise there is nothing in there (or supposed to be in there) that violates USDA rules.  I suppose occasionally a worker could slip up and toss the floor sweepings into the grinder instead of the trash container, but then that worker would not be considered a true bologna chef.

In my research I found that it takes a true connoisseur to be a master bologna maker.  That meat is ground and pureed from beef, pork, chicken, turkey and even venison all mixed up together with seasonings and actually smoked or cooked to perfection.  I like bologna.

I even found a recipe for making it and I’ll share it with you right here.  Thanks to “E-How Foods”!

One of these days I’m going to try making some, but I don’t think I will make it in 15 pound increments.  At least not at first.

Bears Butt

Oct. 21, 2012



Written on October 21st, 2012 , Recipes

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