By: Bears Butt

The earth is not exactly round you know, it’s more of an oval but very close to round.  If you can imagine an old time spinning top only not so long and pointy at each end.  But out in space where the earth spins it really doesn’t need a pointy end on which to balance.

So, you have the picture of the earth in your mind.  It’s a great place to be and so let me explain what on earth is happening and why some countries are not quite right in the head and why others are.

Bears Butt has been around the world once.  A short stop in the Viet Nam area, a quick stop in Alaska, a hop skip and a jump in Scotland and a longer stop in Germany.  While all the rest of my time has been right here on American soil.  I have not been South, but from my recollection, the South half of the world is just a mirror image of the North half.  That’s enough for me.

So, here the big old world spins, round and round and it doesn’t appear to be going to stop anytime real soon.  And as it spins around on it’s not so pointed little Southern end, it also rotates around the sun.  One complete circle of the sun yields to us one full year of time.  One little spin on it’s not so pointed little Southern end and you have a full day gone by.

Have you ever seen a cream separator work?  I thought not and so let me explain.  First off, fresh milk, and I mean fresh milk, not what you find in the grocery store or at Winder Dairy, but your next door neighbors barn with the cow inside being milked.  That my friends is fresh milk.  Fresh milk contains fat, white fat, that over time and cooling of the milk will rise to the top of the container.  That is cream and it can be skimmed off if you are careful and put into another container.  Cream is rich and good, but it is thick too, at least thicker than milk, but you can do a whole lot with cream that you can’t with just the milk.  Like make butter.

Anyway, to quickly separate the cream from the fresh milk, someone made a cream separator machine and here is how it works.  You pour the fresh milk into this somewhat large metal bowl.  The bowl is attached to a large wheel that will cause the big bowl to spin when you crank the handle on the machine.  So the crank gets going slowly and as it builds up speed the bowl is spinning faster and faster.  Well, inside this here bowl the little fat creams are screaming and heading for the outside of the bowl and their little faces are pressed against the side of the outside of the bowl and then the pressure starts to force them up toward the top of the bowl, partly because of the shape of the big bowl.  Meanwhile the milk is contained inside the bowl and tends to stay there.  The cream guys are pretty soon concentrated all in a small space atop the milk and mostly near the outside edges where they fall into another bowl outside the big bowl.  As the speed of the big bowl is then slowed the cream guys are all safely outside the big bowl and nothing but the milk remains in the big bowl.

So, should our world be spun as fast as that cream separator we too would see first of  all the fat guys spun to the very outside of the world and eventually, given a fast enough speed, every one and everything not tied down would end up flying into outer space quicker than scat.

God on the other hand knew this up front and so he purposely slowed the spin of the earth down to the 24 hour day and 365 day year.  That is plenty fast for everyone to stay on the ground and not have to worry about flying off the surface and yet spinning enough to create a good wind flow to keep us cooled down some and keep the air moving around us.  God is good.

OK.  Let’s look at the world and its people.  Ever since the beginning there has been a need by a lot of folks to “be in control” and they got really big heads to think they were the ones in charge and everyone was working their little guts out to make them happy and all the time the big heads didn’t care about the little guys, they still picked on them and made them do more for less.  In all of time on this earth that has been happening around the world somewhere.  But now, let’s diagnose it even more.

If you could draw a couple of lines around the world as to where the trouble always seems to be coming from you would end up with one line on the North side of the middle and one on the South side of the middle and it would encompass the world completely.  Think about it for a minute.  Most of the worlds problem people come from this general area, the fat part of the world and not because it has any more land mass than the other parts of the world.  The land masses of the earth are pretty much evenly dispersed as I see it.  So what’s the point?

Well, do you see much problem with the folks that live say at the North Pole?  Or for that matter the other end of the world the South Pole?  Nope.  How about a little closer from those two poles toward the middle area…Australia?  Nope.  Greenland?  Nope.  How about right on a line in the middle of the world, the equator?  YUP.  Lot’s of trouble brewing along that line, always.  And as you progress North and South of that line you have a bunch of folks causing grief and destruction and problems for the rest of us.  But is it because they are ugly bad people or is it their environment?  Let’s look further.

I say it’s their environment and here is my assessment of that.  Way back in the beginning of the worlds time, God was much younger and he liked to mess around with stuff.  He started out with a world that was pretty much just a big ball of water.  When He got tired of messing with that, he introduced some land areas and the world was spinning at a pretty good clip, much faster than it does today, and these land masses started to move around in all that water and that was fun for God to watch as they separated and separated farther.  God was ok with all of that but he was curious as to what would happen if he tossed on some critters and so he did and those critters were pretty awesome dudes in their own rights.  Big teeth, claws, loud voices and some even ate meat, while others only ate vegetables.  Sort of like todays people.

God had a wonderful time watching those critters dash to and fro doing what they did best and then God thought, what if I put this world into the freezer?  And he did, and those critters started to scatter for warmer places, some found refuge in swamps and warm pools of water, only it wasn’t water it was oil and they got stuck.  Others tried to combat the cold by growing long hair and they ended up frozen solid anyway.  Others still, just laid down and died right there.  Not able to grow hair or find a warm spot and the moving of the earth masses covered them up.  Actually almost all of them got covered up with either dust or the moving of the earth.  God became disillusioned with that and took the earth out of the freezer and the ice that had formed melted away and gave us the earth we have today, pretty much.  Then He thought He might as well put some people on the earth and let them play and see what they do.  God likes to have fun.

But the earth needed to be slowed down from its spin and so He slowed it down and kept slowing it down until what you see today is where he stopped slowing it.  Well, it’s my thinking that those early people knew they could just fly off the face of the world because of the fast speed at which it was turning.  They could feel their feet trying to lift off the ground and so they were clinching the ground with their toes and fingers, trying to make sure they were not going to fly off.  That is why they walked bent over and could grip just as well with their toes as their fingers.  This created a mind set even if they did not consciously think about it and that mind set is carried through their genes to this very day.

Back at the cream separator, where is the majority of the pull or push or whatever, that had those fat little creams pushing hardest against the big bowl?  Right near the middle of the outside of it.  That is where the bulk of the spinning sent its energy and so with the world.

The folks right near the center from North to South, that is the fattest part of the world and also where the pressure of the spinning earth is the most susceptible for people to fly off and out into space.  This is where the bulk of the mind sets are that came from their ancestors millions of years back.  That mental fact that at any moment they could be spun off and out.  That would bother me, I know that, and so I’m very glad I was born where I was and that my ancestors didn’t  inherit   that mind set.

So, how does that mind set effect the climate of the area?  That’s easy.  God made everything living have an ability to feel.  Some things  like people can even logically rationalize things.  Plants are known to have feelings and react to different environments that are thrown their way.  Heck, look at the studies about flowers growing (or not) while head banging music is being played, and at the same time in another room where the same type of roses are being played country music.  It’s been proven that softer music makes the plants happier and grow so much better.  And animals too, why just look at the Happy Cows in California.

Well, with all the plants, trees, animals and people in this zone around the world all concerned about being thrown out into space, the minds of the people and whatever makes the plants and animals think and feel, causes all of them to sweat a bit more than those a bit farther North or South of that zone.  That evaporating sweat causes the humidity to be higher, coupled with the fact that the fattest part of the world is closer to the sun causes the area to be hotter.  Couple heat and high humidity together and vuela a whole different set of plants and animals live there than anywhere else in the rest of the world.  Pretty simple huh?   The trees grow with such deep roots, it’s for sure they want the best foot hold they can get so as not to be thrown off the earth’s surface.  The serious animals grow to enormous sizes and some have very big feet.  It’s all very plain to see, just look.  And as for the people.  The ones who are the most afraid of being thrown out into space are the ones who are causing the most problems.  The ones whose ancestors were first placed on this earth when it was spinning almost fast enough to toss them out unless they gripped solidly with their feet and their fingers and walk bent over.

And so, there you have it.  The zone around the world where the bulk of the worlds troubles start and end from the beginning of people time until today is caused by the fear of being thrown off the earth’s surface and out into space.

Bears Butt

Sept. 19, 2012


Written on September 19th, 2012 , Just more stories

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