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Today is a very special day for us here in the big town of Willard.  Old Fat Duck has pulled together an event called “Let’s get Big Bill to rendezvous” and just as the name implies, we are gathering to shoot clay pigeons on the farm and the proceeds from the event will be sent to Big Bill to help defray some of the expenses for him to hopefully join us for the Willow Creek Free Trappers, 29th anniversary rendezvous!

The old Duck is being very stingy with the prize money, however he is offering 3 places to win.  $30 for first, $25 for second and $20 for third.  That is what we are shooting for and the rest will go to Bill!  I hope we have hundreds in attendance.

We talked yesterday about the number of pigeons he has on hand and I believe he said he had 5 cases.  If that isn’t enough then we will throw up beer cans for the rest of the event.

My camera will be with me and I hope to take some pictures of the event and the happenings to post up here later.  It will be a fun event!


Bears Butt

July 22, 2012

Well, Bill done read what I wrote this morning and already made a comment!  Thanks Bill, that was mighty nice words you said!  Thank you!

But now for the update.  I’m not sure if I should put up a few videos on You Tube or right here, but I know one for sure I will put up right here.

There was a very nice crowd that came to the event.  Duck always has interesting and fun trap shoots and this one was nothing but the best.

Bones was on hand to keep track of all the misses and the hits and Fat Duck pulled the cord to let the birds fly.  Of course when it was Ducks turn to shoot he turned the controls over to No Grimace to let the birds out of the house.

The crowd was a good one, with only those wanting to have some fun showing up.  Who else would interrupt sleeping in on a Sunday morning than a bunch of folks who want to have a great time outdoors?

I wasn’t able to get everyone on snapshots but I got quite a few with this short video clip.


There were a lot of people who said things like “Bill, get your butt out here”!  Others who said, “Bill, this double is for you”!  And then they would shoot their two shots and sometimes they even hit the birds!  The Weasel even said that if Bill didn’t get out here he was going to kick his butt.  I’m not sure how he would do that if Bill is clear out East and Weasel is clear back here.

Anyway, I just had to put this one on here because it sounded so much like Bill saying the words coming out of Baby Boys mouth.


I’ll try and post some more on Youtube and I’ll let you all know what the links are.

Thanks for the fun time Fat Duck!  Bones!  Thanks for keeping tabs on all of us.

Bears Butt

July 22, 2012 p.m.

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    Big Bill commented

    Willow Creek Free Trappers are absolutely, without a doubt, the most AMAZING group of people on the face of the earth and I love each and everyone of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait to get to Rondevoooo and see all of you again. It does’nt matter how many show up or how much is raised, I WILL be there even if I have to write a bad check.

    When DUCK told me about this I told him to be sure and keep a large share for himslf because he was going to have feed my big a$$ for the week. GOD BLESS ALL WCFTs

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