By: Bears Butt

Today’s story takes us back quite a number of years.  Sherry and I were on an outing in Wendover, just an overnight get away, but it sure has some memories with it.

Usually on the way out across the west desert it’s a rather boring drive, but on this occasion we could see coming from the opposite direction a rather interesting item.  A truck pulling a trailer and on the trailer was a very interesting pair of objects.  As we got closer, I grabbed the camera to take a shot of it.  Nobody is going to believe this one.

My take on it is the guy lost his butt at the gambling tables and was taking his winnings (losses) home with him.  Like they say, if life gives you lemons, make lemon aide.

The moon cycle must have been just right on that trip because that wasn’t the most interesting thing we saw that day.  And we actually got to talk with the owner of what you are about to see.  He said something about the police in Utah not liking his idea of a good mode of transportation and he was going back to California, where it’s ok to drive something that looks like this.  He seemed to be an “alright” sort of guy and he obviously meant well.  He must have had a few bucks in his pocket as well.  This unit was quite unique and probably got quite good gas mileage.  It sure is aerodynamically correct.

I’m not sure how it drove, but with one wheel up front it probably drove ok.  Especially where it has four wheels in the back.

We finished our trip without any more fun things to show off, and we came back with a few dollars in our pockets.  Not like this guy who seems to be up to his neck.

Bears Butt

June 9, 2012

Written on June 9th, 2012 , Just more stories

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