By: Bears Butt

Quickly going through a bunch of old photographs last evening and came across a couple I thought would be good to share on this site.

Some of you know I had a lab dog once upon a time.  Good dog I must say.  Had a loud bark, but wouldn’t hurt a flea.  My son Windy took him to the field one day and took a picture of him frolicking in the hay.  This is what the shutter saw just before the dog slammed into the guy behind it.

A happy dog to say the least.

On another note, I have pretty much had a beard my whole life.  Well, take away the years I was too young to grow one, and another spec of life when I was in the Air Force where they won’t let you grow one, and a short time after that while attending college (gee whiz, it sounds like I have not had a beard long at all).  At any rate, while I was working, it was Christmas time and I told the staff, if they could gather $1,000 in donations for a good will Christmas package for a family in need, I would let them shave off my beard.

After a short period of time they had gathered $1,500!  And the day came for them to shave off my beard.  It was a very big event and even the entire Forest Service staff (those in the upper part of the building) came to watch.  Some of my very special friends wanted to do the honors of shaving my face and how they were chosen is beyond me.  They were sort of gentle, but not really and I looked like a shorn sheep when they were done.  It was all done in fun and the money collected went to a very needy family.

When I got home that night, my dog, the one above in the picture, knew he knew me, but couldn’t put his paw on it.  I smelled right, but just didn’t look right.  He felt bad for me, as he knew I must be hurting, or something.  It was quite comical to watch him “care” for me.

That weekend I went fishing up to Strawberry Reservoir.  It was cold and so I wore two coats.  I caught at least one fish as you will see.  But the real deal is this is me.

This is what a shaved Bears Butt looks like!

Today there would be a lot more lines from a whole lot more grins as big as that one, but pretty much the same look.

Bears Butt

June 8, 2012

Written on June 8th, 2012 , Just more stories

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