By: Bears Butt

Yesterday, we took the grandkids for one last ice fishing trip for this season.  Again, it was an attempt to catch a tagged fish up at Rockport Res.  The weather was wonderful, partly cloudy and even had some sun come out late in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day to be out in nature.

The fishing was great too, it was the bites and catching that sort of sucked.  Weasel was the only one who caught a fish.  He had two bites, Conner had a couple of bites, Cody had a bite and my Lazy Lipper launched twice during the day, but no hook ups.

Still a great day for us and the kids to be out.

Now it is time to get ready for trapping!  Tomorrow you will find me on my toy, putting around the swamps and laying out some steel!  Only about 6 weeks left of the trapping season.  Bob has about 100 rats already caught and his head start is what he likes.  If all goes well, I should have 100 caught by this time next week.

Rat prices are up like they have been the last couple of years and we should do alright when we sell.


Bears Butt

Feb. 2012

Written on February 12th, 2012 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories
By: Bears Butt

This is probably the easiest recipe in the world to put together and it is a favorite one of mine when I just don’t feel quite up to par.  This one can be made in a hurry, wolfed down and allow you to get back into bed for a couple more hours of needed sleep.

Poached Eggs

Pour 1/2 cup of milk in a small pan and begin to heat it.

Break two eggs into the milk.  Be careful not to break the yolks.

When the milk gets close to boiling turn off the heat and cover the pan.

After about 5 minutes in the hot milk, the egg whites should be cooked through.

Toast up a slice or two of bread.  Butter it and put it flat down in a large eating type bowl, or on a plate with a lip.

Pour the milk over the toast and place the eggs, yolk side up on the toast.

Salt and pepper to taste.  Enjoy!

Bears Butt

Feb. 2012

Written on February 9th, 2012 , Recipes
By: Bears Butt

Bears Butt was recently approached about his involvement of late in a recent poaching incident.  He admitted to acting alone in the case and thought nothing of admitting to eating all of the evidence.

More to this story as the day unfolds.


Well, it has been quite an intense day today as investigators sift through what seems to be a mountain of evidence.  In Bears Butt’s home there seems to be a rather unique collection of mule deer buck antlers, like none other found in the state so far.  We asked the authorities what it all means, and their only comment was, that they could not say at this time.

As most of us who know Bears Butt, this does not seem like something he would do.  However, we also know that if he had ever done something like this he would probably be the first to turn himself in and admit his error in judgement.  Could this be the case now?

As of 7 p.m. this evening we still do not know the extent of the poaching case, nor do we know just what it was that Bears Butt admitted to poaching.  We will keep a reporter on the case, but we understand that Bears Butt has asked that he and his family be left alone.  No charges have been filed at this time.

No one has seen the where-abouts of Bears Butt since this morning and it is understood that he is still in the area.  Authorities have a watch on his movements through gps tracking devices attached to his vehicles.  This was a court order handed down last night when the case first opened up.


Word this morning has it, that authorities were able to gain access to Bears Butt home without incident and downloaded pictures from his camera.  These pictures have been released to the public.

And so the mystery is solved about Bears Butts poaching incident.  One poached egg atop a single slice of toast and a side of orange juice.

What a wonderful breakfast for the on the go person!  You too can make your own, as the recipe will be posted in the “Recipes” section of this site very soon.


Bears Butt

Feb. 2012


Written on February 8th, 2012 , Just more stories
By: Bears Butt

A fine day awaits!  The cold I have been battling for nearly two weeks seems to be about done fighting me.  We tied in the battle as it knocked me down a couple of times and now I seem to have it by the throat and it is about to die!

What made the difference between it knocking me down for the count or just down a couple of times?

I attribute it to cold beer in the evenings, to sooth an otherwise rough throat.

Continuing to eat solid foods containing meat and potatoes.

And when I realized I was spending more time in the bathroom than in any other room in the house, I ate a very big dill pickle and drank a bit of juice from the jar!  That is when everything changed for the better!

What is the scientifics of it all?

My answer is:  Who cares!  I feel a whole lot better this morning than I did yesterday, and 10 times better than the day before that, and 100 times better than the day before the day before.

Yes!  A new beginning!  Is painting in my future?  YES!

Bears Butt

Feb. 2012

Written on February 7th, 2012 , Uncategorized
By: Bears Butt

I have an idea that I think will work.  First off I like to ice fish…don’t you?  And ice fishing requires walking, riding or some other way, getting onto the ice, drilling a hole and dropping your bait down into the water.

Walking on the ice can sometimes be a tricky thing.  Especially when the ice is free of snow.  And really slippery when there is a tad bit of melted water on top, or water from a rain storm.  KABANG!  I’m usually down several times trying to get to and fro on the ice.

So, introduce ice spikes, ice grippers etc.  I’ve seen some folks with boards strapped to their boots and grabber screws poking out the bottom of the boards.  They looked awkward, but they did not slip on the ice.

My idea is similar to the board idea, only somewhat less Redneckie.

All us fishermen fish year round, don’t we?  Al least we like to fish every chance we get and when there isn’t anything more important going on in our lives.  So we all have a pair of hip waders, or chest waders around that we use in order to not get wet when we are fishing.

Those rubber boots always seem to get holes in them at a time we least want any issues with them having holes in them.  And so if we can fix the hole we do, but sometimes the holes are more like tears and we just toss the boots away and head for the store and get another pair.  STOP!!!!!  Don’t just throw them boots away!  The soles are still good usually!

Do you see where this is going?

So, we are going to cut the soles off the old boots and we will leave some of the upper rubber still attached to the sole when we do cut them off.  These soles should fit over the outside of our snowboots, snow pack boots or military surplus ultra cold boots.  It they don’t, give your cut off soles to someone with smaller feet and go seeking someone elses big footed cut off soles.

Once you have a set of soles that will fit over your snowpacks, you will want to make small holes in a few places around the top edge of the “extra rubber” that was left on the sole when it was cut off.  In these holes you will be attaching small bundgie cords to help hold the soles to your boots.  Make the holes, so that the cords will hold these souls solidly to your boots.  You decide where to poke the holes.

You could use old boot laces for this job instead of bungies if you wanted.

Now, get yourself some 1 1/2 inch grabber screws and screw them down and out the bottom of the soles.  Usually a good pattern is two across the extreme end of the toe, two more about half way from the toe to the instep, two on the outer edges of the widest part of the sole and three in a triangle pattern on the heel.

As time goes on, the points of the grabber screws will wear off, but the dulled points still work just fine for several trips on the ice.  Probably years before needing to be replaced.

There you have it!  Your own home made ice grippers and they didn’t cost you very much did they?

Bears Butt

Feb. 2012


Written on February 6th, 2012 , Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Stories
By: Bears Butt

Today has been planned by/for me for some time.  The Utah Wildlife Net forum members decided way back in December to get together for an ice fishing “meet and greet” day and picked Rockport as our destination.

Donations of hot dogs/buns/condiments etc. were all volunteered up and I was getting excited for the day to come.  We had originally picked Feb. 11 to hold the event.

Then someone got hold of KSL5 and Adam Eckle, who hosts the Roughing it Outdoors show.  He wanted to host a “Tribute to Doug Miller” event on Feb. 4 th and he suggested we combine our event with his.  So we changed our date.

Suddenly another organization, the Utah Wildlife Cooperative, decided this would be a good time for them to get involved and help out some less fortunate kids form the SLC area.  They contacted the Boys and Girls Club of SLC and they thought it a wonderful idea to get up to 40 kids and bus them up to Rockport for the event.  The kids have mostly never been fishing, yet alone ice fishing, so they just might catch a fish.  For sure they will have fun.

Us volunteers will provide the expertise for these 40 some kids and they will have fun, at least in my group they will.

Many Steps and Edjukateer thought it would be fun to join in and so they too volunteered.

Next we heard that Roughing It Outdoors was going to have the Summit County Search and Rescue folks put on an Ice Rescue demonstration at the lake as well.  Move over fishermen, while I use my chainsaw to cut my hole!

Camp Chef is always at Adam Eckles events and this is no exception.  They are supposed to be there with some sort of food and hot drinks.

As for the UWN guys and gals, we will cook and serve free hot dogs to the kids and if any dogs are left our own can enjoy one.

Oh, and tons of prizes have been donated for a raffle of some sort, I don’t know all the details about that, but we will be involved in some way.

I hope the fishing is good and the kids catch one or two.  It sounds like we have to rush into the fishing and there won’t be much time for that on this day.  Their bus arrives at 10, the ice saving demo is at 11:30.  They want the kids to see that.  Then I suspect it will be lunch, drawings and then load them up on the bus for the trip home.

Maybe we can get a little fishing in after they head for home?

Hope you are one of the ones coming up to Rockport today!  See you there!

Bears Butt

Feb. 4, 2012

We were there long before the party began, but were already late!  All the sponsors had their booth tents up and they had hot coffee and chocolate, plus pastries and goodies ready when we got their.  I had to ask myself  “why did we stop of Rafter B’s on the way there?”

What a party it was!  Well over 200 people and probably closer to 400 were in attendance.  The kids from the SLC chapter of the Boys and Girls Club were great little fisherpeople.  The three of us ended up with 9 of the 40 or so kids and they were sure a handful.  Typical of 6 and 7 year olds.  Attention span of about a minute.

Can I reel up?  Can I change bait?  Can I go over there? Do you have any food?  I need to go to the bathroom!  Is your name really Bears Butt?  My bait isn’t working, see (and the pole is lifted and the bait comes to the surface, not 6 inches into the hole).  I want what he has on his pole.  Are those shrimp good to eat?  I’m hungry!  Can I drill my own hole?  Hey Butt, my gloves are wet!  My hands are freezing.  Here, I say, take mine.  He still has them by the way, which is just fine.  Watch my pole, ok, while I go in the tent.  How come she has a hot dog?  I’m going to go get me one.  Is this salt water?  I went fishing once, but my grandpa forgot the poles, so we just went for a boat ride.

Ya, it was a wonderful time, seriously.  These kids really needed to get out and do this today!  They were great!  One of my guys held a big block of ice he had gotten off the shoreline when they first got there.  And as he held it up close to his face, be began to lick the edge.  I said, Hey!  Do you know that when this lake is not frozen there are fish going to the bathroom in the water and you are licking that right now?  Is that what you want?

He looked at me with his eyes out of the corner of his face and just smiled as he licked it again.

I’m glad he ended up in my group!

I went to the tents later and gathered up some water and chips for each of the kids.  Oh ya, and they tossed in a whole package of Oreo Cookies.  When I got back all the kids gathered around to get some of the goodies.

My main guy, “ice licker”, pulled out a pack of Cheetos and said “These are my favorite kind!”  Now get this, he is only 6 years old.  Then he looks at the package and says “And look here Butt, there are only 80 calories in this whole bag!”  As I passed him to attend to a tangled mess of line on another kids pole, I said “What is a six year old worrying about calorie intake for?”

A couple of minutes later, he comes over to me, attending my third kids pole, and asks “Are Cheetos one of your favorites?”  And of course I said they were and he handed me one!  What a nice boy!  I thanked him and said “That one must of had at least 10 calories because it was so big!”

He is the kid on the left, my other two are more centered in this picture.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, but there was just TOO much fix this and fix that to take the time for pictures.

The fish were not cooperating today.  You could “feel them” under the ice, they just didn’t want anything we dropped down to them.  Not just us either, everyone was having a “bad” good day fishing on the ice!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  Sunny, sunburn sunny!  Not too cold!  To say it was perfect is actually an understatement.

Thanks to all who were there, from the Utah Wildlife Net forum.  Adam Eackle at KSL, Big Fish Tackle guys, Utah Wildlife Cooperative, Camp Chef and all the other sponsors.

Ya, kids you don’t know can be nu-nerving,  but these kids were honest and true to what they believe!  Thanks guys!  You really made my day!  Maybe these kids will spend a little time in their lives with a kid trying to catch a fish.  I sure hope so!

Bears Butt

Written on February 4th, 2012 , Uncategorized
By: Bears Butt

It grieves me deeply to announce the passing of Cindy Celeya “Barefoot” , the wife of Chris “Dancing Ramrod”.  Her memory will live on forever.

Viewing scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 5, and funeral Feb. 6.  That is all I know at this time.

Bears Butt

Feb. 2, 2012

No Grimace went right out, and with her in mind, he carved her a special bear and tomahawk.  She loved throwing the hawk at the rendezvous and usually won the womens event.

She will be greatly missed at the rendezvous.

Winemaker had Joyce Pritchard, a local florist put a special planter together for the family using No Grimace’s Bear and Tomahawk.  Here are a couple pictures of it.


We will make sure it gets to the family at the viewing.

Written on February 2nd, 2012 , WILLOW CREEK FREE TRAPPERS GONE ON AHEAD
By: Bears Butt

Today is Feb. 1, 2012….the first day to apply for your big game tags in Utah.  You have until March 1 to get it done.

I’m going for San Juan, LE elk, late hunt and muzzy deer for unit 2.

What are your choices?

Someone suggested a group of us pool our money and apply for a mo0se tag.  If  several of us apply and one draws, we all pay an equal amount of the cost of the tag and after the harvest, we each split up the meat equally.  Of course the tag holder gets the hide and horns.

Not a bad idea considering the “cost of money” these days.

Bears Butt

Feb. 1, 2012

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