By: Bears Butt

It were way back in bout ’73 an “Tracker” was hunt’in moose in the North land.  He done traveled pert near all summer ta git where he was.  His adventure tells of catchin monster fish nearly every time his line hit the water.  Of crab near big as wagon wheels.  Deer and elk boundin in all directions as he made his way further northward.

He wasn’t real sure how far he needed ta go,nor what he was after til suddenly he spotted his goal.  Far below in the alder filled valley was the biggest bull moose “Tracker” had ever seed.  All around the moose was wolves an giant grizzley brown bears which was actin like guards for the moose.  Could this be some God of the animals?

‘Ol “Tracker “ sucked em up an made his decision he were takin that moose and horns back ta rondeevoo or lose his hide trying.  So down he went inta that alder filled valley.

“Tracker” kept putting his skill ta test an outfoxed all them guards as he snuck up on that big moose—BLAM—an the moose was his!  But here he is surrounded by wolves an Kodiak brown bear an it’s  gittin dark.

So “Tracker” starts gatherin firewood ta prepare fer the night.  He puts limb after limb, after limb on the heap til he figured he had ‘nuff  fer all night.  Then he gathered more an put it on, an still he got more, an more, til it were too dark ta see.

His keen senses told him the guards was closing in, as his flint an steel sparked in the early night.  “Tracker” done had fire in less than a minute an the brush an timber was burnin bright.

The flames slowly spred up thru the branches an twigs.  As the firelight got brighter  an brighter the heat also got hotter an hotter.  “Tracker” knew he had to back away some.

“Tracker” aint  no dummy  cuz when he moved back from the fire, he dragged his moose with him an as the fire reached its greatest intense fer light an heat ya cud see the glow clear ta Santa Fe.  It were so bright an hot it created some sort of strangeness to the air above the earth an still today ya kin sometimes look North at the glowin lights.

Well, when “Tracker” done realized the fire’s heat was  mellowin  some he looked round an done realized he were only one ridge away from rondeevoo!

Bears Butt

May-Aug 1992

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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