By: Bears Butt

Lots of folks figure it sure woulda been nice ta live back in the 18 and 20’s, when life were a big party an there weren’t no worries ner cares.

But this hoss got some thinning fer ya ta thin about.

Before old Ashley an  the boys begun carryin goods to the mountains, men had but two choices ta make.  One: give all their trapped furs ta their best buddy, an send him off ta Taos er St. Looie, ta sell em fer him, or two: go his self.

Now there be definite advantages ta either one ‘o them decidens.  If’n he sends his years trappin, he kin stay in the mountains, fix up the cabin (er lodge) fer the upcoming winter.  Prepare the provisions lodge by makin sure it is bear proof and shoot nuff buffler, elk, bear, and deer ta stock it.

He done also got ta make certain the injuns in the area like him a lot.  So he got ta help them stock their lodges and also have a few shiney mirrors and beads ‘an red cloth fer the squaws.

Now let’s recollect where he done is gonna git nuff powder, ball, caps, salt (fer curin meat) shiney mirrors, beads and red cloth, ta stay the winter!?

Why hellfire—he gonna trade beaver, bobcat, bear and buffler pelts fer it!  Ok fine, ..but he just sent all his pelts with “No Grimace” ta Taos with ‘em.  What if he gits hit in the head on the way, or takes the trade money ‘an heads off wid it?  What den?  Ya know, he aint commin back till next spring, after the deep snows melt and the ice begins ta break up on the river.

Does I have nuff stuff ta stay up here ‘er does I high tail it, ta kitch up ta “No Grimace”??  Big decid’in ta be done.  Stay an possably go under, ‘er go ‘an join the other snow-birds in Taos!?

Think back ta last winter; ya made Chief Wahoo mad fer mak’in a pass at his doughter so he stole yer hoss.

A griz got in yer store house and spent the hole winter.

It could’nt have been colder even if all ya had on were a wet golly I done decided—load the mule—we’ll be gone now!  Sides, there be more whiskey in Taos and the girls done got all the red cloth they need up here.

Bears Butt

Nov-Dec 1991

Written on May 23rd, 2011 , APFO Aerial Observer, From The Bears Butt

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